Vshape Body Treatment

Vshape Permanent Ultrasound Fat Reduction

Vshape Permanent Ultrasound Fat Reduction, thats should be name for page.

VShape – Ultrasound Permanent Fat Reduction.

The “fat eraser” Painless Fat Reduction with Ultrasound that permanently destroy Fat cells. Non Surgical, no recovery time, you can head straight to yoga class after the treatment. Visible results, sometimes seen as quickly as just two weeks after first treatment.

ALMA VShape®

ALMA Accent have introduced a new hand piece for body contouring, said to be the only Ultrasound treatment platform that can target 60cmsq in one go. This new hand piece is designed to provide tailored solutions for different skin types and conditions and new capabilities including unique depth control for shorter treatment time and more powerful, longer lasting results.

The hand piece utilizes patented ultrasound selective resonance that uses cold and hot ultrasonic waves which selectively resonate with and destroy fat cells, while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. The selective sound waves are said to disrupt fat cell membranes leading to the gradual breakdown and release of stored fat through the lymphatic system and to help improve the appearance of cellulite.

VShape at Bio Skin Laser NYC treatments for fat reduction of unwanted fat is completely painless.
There is no recovery period following VShape® fat reduction. VShape® fat reduction treatment times vary depending on the thickness of fat and the size of the area. However, most VShape Bio Skin Laser NYC fat reduction treatment times take approximately 30 minutes per area. Common treatment areas include the hips, abdomen, outer and inner thighs, neck. In general, VShape® is performed once every two weeks for three to six sessions.

The VShape® fat reductions , treatment and its effect on the fat cells is permanent. Those fat cells that are destroyed will not return as long as patients are consistent in their weight and do not gain weight following their treatment program, they should have consistent long-term circumferential reductions and noticeable thinning over the treatment area. If patients are to gain weight after their VShape® treatments, the fat will go elsewhere, not to the areas that were treated.

There is no maintenance required following the VShape® fat reduction program. The fat cells that have been killed are permanently destroyed. Individuals just need to maintain their body weight to ensure a long-term local fat reduction result.

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