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To develop a better understanding of what our clients want or do not want, we provide you with the option of customer reviews.


Our first customer is Duane Cohen, who had the following to say about us:”My past experiences at BioSkin Laser have been nothing but positive.I recently started my package for laser hair removal, which has almost reached completion, and I must say that the treatment was exquisite.

I happen to be a Physician and sometimes my busy schedule forced me to cancel most of my appointments.But the staff was very accommodating, especially Samina and Lisa.

Furthermore, the ambiance is very serene and calm, which combined with the ever-helpful staff members, makes one feel just at home.BioSkin Laser is different from those flashy, over-the-top clinics we see on television adverts in the sense that they are honest. Once I forgot how many sessions I had left, and Shani helped me figure out that I still had one remaining while they could have just easily neglected this fact and let it slide. But I recommend this establishment to anyone who wants to find a trustworthy medical spa that caters to all our skin care needs.”


Monika Peterson, another happy customer, writes:”I recently registered for ten sessions of Venus Legacy, which were available at a very reasonable price. The staff was very helpful with the treatment and clearly guided me through every step. A special shout out to Andrea, who gave a detailed sheet with instructions that could help accentuate the effects of the treatment.

I should be very honest because the procedure did miracles for me. Just after five sessions, I lost a tremendous amount of weight and went down two dress sizes.I will recommend BioSkin Laser to all my friends!”

Sandra Wilson wrote a wonderful review as well. Scroll down to read it.

” I am absolutely in love with this place for some reasons. The first of which is that is located in a very convenient neighborhood, and secondly has a myriad of services available. All of the treatments are designed specifically to cater to the needs of your skin. Moreover, the staff is friendly and makes you feel happy and comfortable.

For anyone out there who is trying to lose weight, opt for their Venus Freeze Cellulite package.”


And lastly, Tomas Martin had this to say:

“I have always wanted to try laser hair removal, but never got the chance to do so. However, it finally happened when I purchased a Special Offer by BioSkin Laser and realized how effective laser hair removal is. The atmosphere and ambiance are great, and the staff is extremely cooperative. The will never bother you and will easily reschedule appointments, and the rates are some of the lowest I have ever seen. At first, I was skeptical regarding the facilities given how low the prices were, but BioSkin Laser did not disappoint. They delivered on their promise to give us top notch cosmetic treatments. I would come here again.”






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