Photo Facials in Midtown NYC


Don’t know what photo facials are? Fear not, for we have got your back.Photo facials are a relatively new trend in the cosmetic industry. Hence, it would be beneficial for all our clients to have a brief know-how of this particular procedure before opting for it.

What is a photo facial?

A photo facial is a term used for any skin treatment that is done with the help of light based technology. These are beneficial for treating brown spots, stimulating the production of collagen, and lessening the amount of broken capillaries under the skin. At BioSkin Laser, we primarily use Intense Pulse Light, so the following material will mostly focus on that.

Benefits of IPL:

IPL is important for human beings for some reasons, including the following:

  1. It helps treat blood vessels that might have become visible
  2. Help to eradicate sun spots and tan
  3. IPL can also assist in tackling the problem of acne and large pores

Laser vs. IPL:

Both these processes use light to rejuvenate your skin, but the difference lies of the wavelength. The IPL or BBL procedure can treat a larger area very easily. Unlike laser treatment, IPL has next to no side effects or risks.

Why Choose BioSkin?

BioSkin is a licensed establishment in midtown NYC, which specializes is skin care and cosmetic procedures.To ensure complete customer satisfaction, and optimum results we have hired qualified professionals. Furthermore, our experts are even willing to offer you a free consultation, so you know which treatment is the best choice for you.

So call us now for more information at 212-696-1900

BioSkin is a trustworthy institution, and your safety is our biggest concern.

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