Melasma Treatment in Uptown Manhattan NYC

Are you looking for melasma treatment in uptown manhattan NYC? Bio Skin Laser NYC is the solution to all your problems – well most. But before we begin to explain how we tackle melasma, it is in the best interest of the customer to read the given information below to get a better understanding. What is Melasma? shutterstock_482330014Melasma, contrary to popular belief, is a skin condition, not a disease. It causes brown patches to appear all over the face, mostly on the cheeks or the bridge of your nose. Melasma is basically due to prolonged exposure to the sun; hence it can occur on other parts of the body too. It is common for both men and women; however, research shows that women are more affected by this.

Why Choose Bio Skin Laser? Bio Skin Laser provides melasma treatment for anybody struggling with hyperpigmentation. Our skincare professionals are highly trained and possess adequate experience.Over the course of our tenure, our employees have helped numerous men and women from all age brackets get treatment. Unlike other establishments, we first offer you a free consultation and educate you about our method of approaching a treatment for melasma. Most of the products we use are of premium quality and show visible results just after a few sessions. This is so because we will devise strategies with you to get to the cause of this problem and minimize its effects. How do we work? We utilize a variety of methods to tackle this problem approach. 1. When we speak with you to determine the most effective approach. 2. Use of microdermabrasion and chemical peels as melasma is a direct consequence of hyperpigmentation. 3. Provide you with relief from skin discoloration and provide counseling to restore your self-esteem. Products we recommend: Products may vary from client to client depending on the condition and severity of the melasma. The most common suggestions include: 1. Exfoliating Foamer 15 cleanser, which removes impurities. 2. K-Ceutic Post-Treatment Cream with 50 SPF, which helps nourish the skin. 3. Mela Cream Depigmenting Cream, which helps to reduce pigmentation. 4. Active Retinol 1.0 –Anti-age serum So contact us today to book your appointment and speak with one of our professionals. For more information about our professional melasma treatment in uptown manhattan NYC, call Bio Skin Laser today at 212-988-9188. You will not be disappointed once you start seeing immediate effects.

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