The short answer is fat freezing is one of

only three ways in existence to permanently

get rid of a fat cell. Diet, exercise, cavitation and various

laser treatments can all result in getting cells to release

some of their stored fat. But only surgery, freezing the fat,
or injecting it with poison can permanently get rid of the

cells and prevent them from plumping up again.

The procedure to freeze fat is completely non-invasive, with

zero down time!



Two doctors affiliated with Harvard University discovered

about 2001 that fat cells freeze before other tissue in the body.

Further research determined that frozen fat cells go into

APOPTOSIS, and disintegrate, leaving your body through

existing natural systems (e.g.- your lymph system).

The company that resulted from this discovery developed

one system for freezing fat they call COOLSCULPTINGTM. This system

was the first ever, and has received the bulk of the press regarding

fat freezing. The company paid millions of dollars to do the research

to prove that getting rid of fat cells permanently by freezing them

is safe. They proved that frozen fat cells go into apoptosis, and

are safely and naturally eliminated. For that research the FDA

approved of their system and the world owes them a debt.



There are currently more than 50 companies manufacturing

machines that freeze fat cells to eliminate them. We have done

extensive research and believe four of these machines are far

superior to the rest. Just as every refrigerator has a freezer, and

every one of those freezers has its own patent to freeze food or

make ice, every one of these companies holds a unique patent to

freeze fat. Your fat does not care what patent freezes it,

any more than water cares what patent turns it into ice!



Because of the extreme expense in doing the research and getting

FDA approval on new drugs and medical-type devices, no other

company has bothered to RE-prove what the original fat freezers

already proved: fat freezing send cells into apoptosis, and when

they die they safely leave the body forever. Some of the other

patented systems are approved by the equivalent of the FDA

in their own country, but spending millions of dollars to prove what

has already been proven would have driven up the price and been

an unnecessary duplication of effort. Plus, if FDA approval guaranteed

safety, there would never be a drug recall or lawsuits against FDA

approved drugs or devices.



When performed by a trained and experienced practitioner, fat

freezing is completely safe. It does require some medical back-

ground to prescreen potential patients for issues that would

preclude them from having their fat frozen, but the only known

side effects when done by a professional are (a) some minor bruising

which goes away in a few days, and (b) some initial discomfort when

the fat is sucked into the appliance. The initial discomfort (most describe

it as “discomfort, but not painful”) goes away in a matter of minutes

and the area becomes numb for the majority of the treatment time.

There is NO down time. People can immediately go back to work, or the gym,

etc. post-treatment!



Does your refrigerator’s freezer turn all water into

ice? Freezing is freezing! When fat cells are frozen

they die and go away. The only non-consistent factor is

the patient! The question is how efficiently YOUR body will

eliminate the cells and released triglycerides (fats).

People with fast metabolisms get faster results. People

who are sedentary get slower results. People who continue

to take in more calories than they burn off daily are

building new fat cells as fast as the old ones are eliminated,

so they tend to feel the results are minimal. People with lots

of the primary stress hormone CORTISOL tend to get

slower results, while those who deal with stress better get

faster losses. Smoking slows down results, as does alcoholism.

Certain medical issues, such as thyroid problems,

also slow down the benefits.

There are three factors involved in freezing fat away: the

experience and ability of the practitioner, the quality of the

machine and its system, and the patient’s lifestyle, genetics and

metabolism. The short answer is Yes, FAT FREEZING works on everyone.

But some people are better disposed to get more dramatic and

faster benefits.



No. It is a different patent, and the world’s top selling fat freezing

system, outselling the COOLSCULPTINGTM machine more than 2-1!

It has dual channels, cutting treatment time in half, has a special

pulsed suction program (which causes less bruising), has more built

in safety features, allows for colder temperatures (meaning less time

for the freezing to happen), and gives the practitioner more control.

In short, the only doctor who has used this machine and the COOLSCULPTINGTM

machine thinks this is a far superior machine, based on more than 6,000

procedures. As already stated, the COOLSCULPTINGTM machine is FDA

approved, while our machine was never submitted. It is, however,the only

machine in the world approved by the Board of Medicine and Science in

its country of origin (China).


The best part is, our machine is not overpriced (we firmly believe our

competition’s is way overpriced), and our practitioner’s do not need to

pay an average of $200 an hour to any parent company to buy key

cards to operate the machine it already bought! In other words, we are

able to offer what we absolutely believe is a better fat freezing experience,

with better results in a shorter time period, with fewer side effects

(because of our unique patent), at an enormously lower price!



Our Medical Director is a doctor who has performed well more than

6,000 procedures without harming or injuring anyone. Since we know

of no other doctor in the world who has performed even 20% of that

many procedures, we are confident our machine is effective, and

completely safe. Indeed, our machine has double the real world testing

than our competition’s!




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