Cool Fat Cryo NYC


What is Fat freezing?

The short answer is fat freezing is one of only two ways in existence to permanently get rid of a fat cell.

DIet, exercise, cavitation, and various laser treatments can all results in getting cells to release some of their stored fat. But only surgery, freezing the fat can permanently get rid of the cells and prevent them from plumping up again. The procedure to freeze fat is completely non-invasive, with zero down time!

Is fat freezing safe?

When performed by a trained and experienced practitioner, fat freezing is completely safe. It does require some medical background to pre-screen potential patients for issues that would preclude them from having their fat frozen, but the only known side effects when done by a professional are some minor bruising which goes away in a matter of minutes and the area becomes numb for the majority of the treatment time. There is NO down time. People can immediately go back to work, or the gym.

Is the Cool Fat Cryo system the same as Coolsculpting?

The answer to this question is NO! Cool Fat Cryo is a patented process that is far more popular with clients than Coolsculpting. This solution more than doubles the sales of coolsculpting. It’s dual channels comes with a range of benefits. Some of these benefits are it cuts down the treatment time, causes less bruising, it allows for colder temperature. The specialist who used this machine and has over 6,000 treatments under his belt sees this machine to be far more superior machine over the coolsculpting machine. Overall, our treatment allows us to get better results in a lesser period of time. To learn more, give Bio Skin Laser NYC a call (212) 988-9188.

Is Cool Fat Cryo Safe ?

Fat Freezing therapist is a specialist who has performed well over 6,000 procedures without harming or injuring anyone. Since we know of no other specialist in the world who has performed even 20% of that many procedures, we are confident our machine is effective and completely safe. Indeed, our machine has double the real world testing than our competition’s!

Does Fat Freezing Work On Everyone?

Does your refrigerator’s freezer turn all water into ice? Freezing is freezing! When fat cells are frozen they die and go away. The question is how efficiently YOUR body will eliminate the cells and released triglycerides (fats). People with fast metabolisms get faster results. People who are sedentary get slower results. People who continue to take in more calories than they burn off daily are building new fat cells as fast as the old ones are eliminated, so they tend to feel the results are minimal. People with lots of the primary stress hormone CORTISOL tend to get slower results, while those who deal with stress better get faster losses.

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