Cellulite Treatment in NYC

Want to improve your looks and get rid of those pesky layers of extra fat? Look no further because we have the expertise to cater to all your skin care needs. Bio Skin Laser NYC is a fully authorized and certified spa, which offers cellulite treatment in NYC. We reduce cellulite by way of three different techniques, so read on below to learn more about;


What is cellulite?


According to Google cellulite is defined as “persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin, especially on women’s hips and thighs.”



What is VelaShape?


The Vela Shape Treatment is the first of method we extensively use to lessen cellulite. This procedure is a non-surgical alternative to traditional methods of cellulite and circumference reduction. The principle behind the VelaShape Treatment is the elos technology, which uses a combination of energies to bring about a change of fat present.


The benefits of Vela Shape are many, but the most prominent ones include the following:


  1. Your skin gradually becomes smoother
  2. Safe, effective and painless
  3. Circumferential reduction
  4. Tones, better-looking body


What is Venus Freeze and Venus Legacy?


This is the second of our renowned methods of helping you achieve a perfect body. The Venus Legacy uses the latest state-of-the-art technology engineered by Venus Freeze. This also aids to eradicate and diminish wrinkles with frequent use and has been approved by the FDA.


What is Zerona Body Contouring?


This is another alternative that we highly recommend. It is asubstitute for surgery, or dieting and exercising; this method greatly assists you in losing weight gradually to give you a perfectly contoured body, almost like that of Kate Upton.

What is  Juva Shape?

The Juva Shape uses the latest cutting edge non-invasive radio frequency technology today to deliver concentrated thermal energy to improve the appearance of cellulite on your body.

Why Choose Bio Skin Laser?


Bio Skin Laser is the friend you need to consult when all your skin regimens are not showing any effects. We have employed certified professionals, who possess adequate knowledge and can help you achieve the perfect body.


Customer care is of the utmost concern to us, and we try to make you feel as comfortable as possible. For your convenience, we have used three types of body-toning techniques and even provide the free consultation. This helps us understand your bodies better, and hence, give better suggestions according to your specific needs and requirements.


For more information, please contact us today at 212-988-9188 and book your appointment. We look forward to seeing you! 





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